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Top Listing in Google = New Clients Everyday!

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Honorable Decision Maker,

This is an honest, simple and straightforward offer to increase your business.

We know how to get more traffic and more clients by listing your website at top in Google, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines.

We have team of 50 people and we are serving over 1000+ clients since 1995.

For a small annual investment, you can earn 10 times or 20 times profit by acquiring more clients.

Just respond to this email and we will send you LIST OF OUR REFERENCES.

Here are some of the people who can stand as GUARANTEE for our integrity, effective results and responsibility:

1) Some of the top management consultant and training institutes in Dubai.
2) Leading 5 star hotel chain in UAE.
3) Diverisified and respected business groups such as ETA, Drmoopen
4) And CEOs of dozens of small and medium sized businesses in Dubai and UAE.

You can verify our credentials by:

1) Calling some of our senior clients and CEOs in Dubai.
2) Listening to their video testimonials
3) Read the written feedback letters given by our clients based in Dubai.
4) Verify the ranking we have produced for our clients by checking our client's ranking reports.

Everyday you are losing precious new clients and new opportunities if you are not listed at top in Google.

Just respond to this email with your company name and keywords related to your business.

My authentic promise to you: You will be delighted with our miraculous service.

We look forward for your immediate response with your website name and contact details.

Anjali Gandhi.