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Some news on JuiCE

Werner Dittmann

the last day we got some great news about JuiCE:

- using Java 5 we now support the standard JCE EC methods, both
  for Fp fields and for F2m fields. Note: only named curves
  are supported (named curves according to NIST, X9.62, etc.). BTW,
  the test cases show one error when using BC and keys generated
  by Juice - this is not a generic problem, we need to encode/decode
  the keys befroe BC can use them (JuiCE does this automatically). I'll
  update the unit test during the next days.

- With JDK 1.4 we support interoperability with BC for EC (Fp fields

- Diffie-Helman key agreement is now available. Most of the time for
  DH is spent during parameter generation. We use OpenSSL here to
  do it. The actual key generation that creates a private value and
  computes the public part is very thin, I left that in Java. Probably
  there is more overhead for Java/C JNI than it saves use some time.
  (it's only create a random big int and do a big int modPow(..) )

- restructured the files, sources for Java 5 use generics (Java 5
  "templates") thus they don't compile with JDK 1.4. I did this to
  make sure you use a Java 5 environment to compile (JuiCE java 5
  requiers the Java 5 libraries).


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