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Michael Glavassevich-3

We've never managed any of the artifacts on Maven Central. Whomever set
this up wasn't consistent with the version numbers. I think 2.0.2 actually
corresponds to the version of Xerces it was contained in so that would
make it rather ancient too. XML Commons External (XML APIs) 1.4.01 is the
most recent release.


Michael Glavassevich
XML Technologies and WAS Development
IBM Toronto Lab
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E-mail: [hidden email]

"A. Palsson" <[hidden email]> wrote on 11/17/2014 02:05:31 AM:

> From: "A. Palsson" <[hidden email]>
> To: [hidden email],
> Date: 11/17/2014 02:06 AM
> Subject: Question regarding xml-commons (xml-apis)
> Hi!
> On Maven Central, the "xml-apis:xml-apis" version 2.0.2 for some reason
> redirects to the ancient version 1.0.b2.
> This is a bit strange and I would like to know if it is intended or a
> mistake?
> Regards
> A.P.

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