Questions on xerces 2.11-beta and XSD Schema 1.1 validation

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Questions on xerces 2.11-beta and XSD Schema 1.1 validation

Kulkarni, Gopalkrishna

Dear Experts,


From SAP Labs India we are trying to evaluate the XML payload against the XSD using the XML Schema 1.1.. We found that Apache Xerces claims to support the XML Schema 1.1 validation partially (experimental)

We have following questions!

I.                     We found that XSD validation with XML Schema 1.1 is only possible with 2.11-beta version. We failed to get it working with 2.11 and 2.10 released version. We tried both by directly jar download and via apache service mix OSGi (we use OSGi)

We found one class missing in 2.11 release vs 2.11-beta (check the attached screen shot)


II.                   Why is the implementation delivered is termed experimental?. What are the key deficiencies

III.                 Our use case is to only use the ‘Assertions” do you have any non-functional gaps in this support for example performance can be improved or deprecated API usage etc.?

IV.                When is the planned release of 2.11-beta?





Team Architect for  SAP Cloud platform Integration

SAP Labs,

#138 EP, Whitefield

Bangalore – 560066


+91 9972567432


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