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Global Leadership In Consumer, Professional and Consumer Products on the OTC : FLKI

Communication Officer OptIN Preferred Customers

D'Fiti Defeats Graphiti.
D'Fiti is the environmentally safe and biodegradable solution to you graffiti problems. D'Fiti offers the liquid and gel for big jobs and wet wipes for one step removal on little jobs. Whether the graffiti or paint is on smooth, porous or especially sensitive surfaces, D'FITI will do the job. D'FITI is suitable for schools, municipalities, maintenance crews and anyone who needs to remove paint or graffiti from small or large surfaces.

Clean Plus® wants to simplify you life, to make the cleaning process quick and fun, to deliver nothing but the best.

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And For the Best Hand Cleaning Results Try Clean Plus® Hand Care Products.
Industry, automotive, maintenance, office.... Clean Plus® Hand Care offers hand care products for every professional. Traditional granulated soaps, super-cleaning hand wet wipes fro people on the move and special creams to protect and restore your skin.

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