Couldn't configure xml-security-c with xerces

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Couldn't configure xml-security-c with xerces


  Good morning,
  I've some problems with compiling xml-security:

checking direct.h usability... no
checking direct.h presence... no
checking for direct.h... no
checking whether strcasecmp is declared... yes
checking whether getcwd(NULL, 0) works... yes
checking xercesc/dom/DOM.hpp usability... yes
checking xercesc/dom/DOM.hpp presence... yes
checking for xercesc/dom/DOM.hpp... yes
checking Xerces version... OK
configure: error: unable to link with Xerces

  Compiling on opensuse 13.2 x64 under Vmware. Xercesc libraries does
exists, did I missed something ?

$# locate DOM.hpp

  Thanks and best regards