Adding CMake support for Xalan

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Adding CMake support for Xalan

Roger Leigh

I've just joined the list, though I've been using Xerces and Xalan for
several years.

For my major work projects we build Xerces and Xalan on a wide range of
platforms and versions.  One sticking point has been building it on
Windows with a range of Visual Studio versions.  Our current solution is
automated patching:

The last three patches are what we conditionally apply depending upon
the Visual Studio version.  Unfortunately, the maintenance burden and
fragility is quite high, which is why you only see two Visual Studio
versions in the list (2013 and 2015).

We have the same problem with Xerces.  For Xerces I wrote a complete
CMake build infrastructure as a superset of the Autoconf+Automake and
Visual Studio project files

and if you look at more recent commits I've spent some time cleaning up
various defects in the codebase.  The CMake support allows us to build
upon any Visual Studio version since it generates the project and
solution files for any version we need.  This completely eliminates the
need to hand patch, and it makes it much easier to add support for new
Visual Studio versions.  It also adds a number of nice benefits for Unix
platforms as well, like building with tools other than make, such as ninja.

My question for the list is if you would find it useful for me to add
CMake support to Xalan as well.  I'd be happy to do so, and I've already
signed all the Apache paperwork.  Would it be possible to join the Xalan
project to contribute this?

Thanks all,
Roger Leigh

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